15 Interesting Fun Facts About Cats To Feed Your Love For Felines

#1 Freddie Mercury Dedicated His 1985 Album Mr. Bad Guy To His Cats

“This album is dedicated to my cat Jerry — also Tom, Oscar, and Tiffany, and all the cat lovers across the universe — screw everybody else!”
That’s what Freddie Mercury wrote in the album’s notes.

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#2  The Cat Marlon Brando Was Holding In The Opening Scene Of “The Godfather” Was A Stray Cat

Francis Ford Coppola found the kitten on Paramount property. The cat wasn’t supposed to be included, and the purring even muffled some of Marlon Brando’s lines, which had to be looped.

Source: Peter Cowie

#3  A Cat Survived Three Sinking Ships In WW2 And Was Named Unsinkable Sam

Source: zmescience.com

#4 Your Cat Knows Your Voice, But Most Of The Time Ignores It

Source: springer.com

#5 Your Cat At Home Shares 95% DNA With A Tiger

Source: springer.com

#6  Cats Can Solve Problems Better Than Dogs

Source: scholar.utc.edu

#7 Welsh Folklore Says That Blacks Cats Bring Good Luck To A Home

Source: mrsfoxelliot

#8 Cats Also Have Whiskers On The Back Of Their Front Legs

Source: vcahospitals.com

#9 Adult Cats Meow Primarily To Communicate With Humans, But Rarely With Other Animals

  The Domestic Cat: The Biology of Its Behaviour

#10 The Oldest Cat In The World Was 38 Years And 3 Days Old

Creme Puff lived from 1967 to 2005. The same owner also had another cat, Grandpa Rex Allen, who was 34 years old.

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#11 Siamese Kitten Fur Color Changes Depending On Body Temperature


#12 Cat Called Stubbs Has Been Honorary Mayor Of An Alaskan Town For 20 Years

In case you’re wondering, Stubbs had no authority to make or enforce laws.

Source: upi.com

#13 Cats Might Seek Out Boxes In Order To Cope With Stress

A study conducted with shelter cats found that providing them with boxes helped them acclimate to their new environment more quickly, reduced their stress levels, and increased their interest in interacting with humans.


#14 Researchers Found That Upwards Of 65 To 85% Of White Cats With Blue Eyes Are Deaf

If the cat has one blue eye, the percentage drops to 40%.
     Source: neasanoir

#15 Cats Spend Between 12 To 18 Hours Sleeping A Day

As cats age, they tend to sleep for longer periods of time each day than they did when they were younger.

Source: Bloody-August

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