15 Funny And Cute Cats Who Made Or Broke Christmas (New Pics)

#1 Not Sure If It Is A Cat Or A Dinosaur

Source: themouseyouknow

#2  My Cat And My Tree Are Both Plugged In And Ready For Christmas

Source: ADanalrapist

#3  We Got The Cat A Cardboard Scratchy Taco Truck For Christmas. I Think She Likes It

Source: AttackerCat

#4 Cats And Glass Ornaments Don’t Mix

Source: ThatsFknInteresting

#5 It’s Gonna Be His First Christmas

Source: kodathemalamute

#6  Best Christmas Gift

Source: sirhene

#7 My Paraplegic Kitten’s Reaction To Seeing Her First Christmas Tree

Source: mrsfoxelliot

#8 Nerien And His Christmas Cookie

Source: elphaba16

#9 We Just Put The Tree Up, And This Little Monster Climbed Into It

Source: Mudb0ss

#10 My GF Setup The Christmas Tree. It’s Our Cats First Christmas

Source: xbchiefmatrix

#11 I’ve Just Learned This Is An Issue For Cat Owners Over Christmas

Source: NineteenEighty9

#12 Ornament Installer

Source: Upstairs-Buy6492

#13 My Boyfriend And I Noticed A New Ornament In The Tree

Source: maximalmitten

#14 This Will Forever Be My Favorite Picture Of Her. She Loves Christmas

                                                                                                                                 Source: neasanoir

#15 Meet The New Addition To The Family, Chester. He Makes A Wonderful Christmas Tree Decoration

Source: Bloody-August

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