14 Times Cat Owners “Set A Trap” For Their Cats And It Was Successful

#1 Took A Bathroom Break After 5 Hours Of Building This Puzzle And Came Back To This

Source: ryuubaby

#2 Captured The Entire Gang

Source: Artteachernc

#3 A Less Conventional Way To Catch Felines

Source: fatcatmikachu

#4 Muahaha! I Outsmarted Her!

Source: skimmiesthegingercat

#5 Not Only Has The Catrap Worked, But Gary Has Basically Moved In At This Point

Source: Ksilverstar25

#6 Imaginary Cat Trap

Source: Madd_Skillz_88

#7 He Realized The Box He Entered Is No Longer Stationary

Source: kyndragarten


#8 This Trap Is Small And Broken But Still Working

 Source: fastattackSS

#9 The Cat Trap Worked Better Than Expected


Source: d2xdy2

#10 Not My Cat But A Very Successfully Executed Trap


#11 I Rescued Fred From The Middle Of A Rainy Highway. Thank You Universe For Letting Me Be In That Exact Place And Time !

Source: LinguisticTerrorist


#12 Got A Weird Looking Cat In The Trap

Source: SquishyLightpole


#13 I Have Never Met A Cat Who Loves Cat Traps As Much As Gary

Source: ZLkitcats

#14 Just An Old Lady With Her “Blankie”. Her Favorite Possession

Source: cascel9498

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