15 Adorable Rescue Cats That Found Their Forever Home

#1 Rescued Kitten With Broken Legs

#2 Adoption Saves Lives! Look At His Face!

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#3 Got Back From The Shelter An Hour Ago, I Think She Is Settling In Nicely


#4 After Loosing My Buddy Of 16 Years A Month Ago, We Found These Lil Guys In The Street

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#5 We Adopted Gus Gus Yesterday, Who Is A Perfectly Happy And Healthy Pirate Cat

Source: macincos

#6 We Adopted Mango 3 Weeks Ago. This Is How She Sleeps On Her Dad

Source: kooriwi

#7 To The Scummy Human Being/S Who Decided To Dump This Precious Baby At My Doorstep, I Hope You Never Experience Love Like He Does Now

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#8 Does My Stray Kitty Look Happy With His New Home?

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#9 This Is Vienna; I Brought Her Home From The Shelter About A Week Ago. She’s Between 10-12 Years Old And Was Surrendered By A Previous Owner. The Shelter Told Me She Kept Getting Passed Up Because Of Her Age, And I Just Couldn’t Leave Her There. I Already Love Her So Much It Hurts

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#10 This Sweet Lady Is Poppy. She’s 12 Years Old And We Have Adopted Her As Her Previous Owner Passed. She’s Settled Really Quickly

Source  scothed

#11 I Rescued Fred From The Middle Of A Rainy Highway. Thank You Universe For Letting Me Be In That Exact Place And Time !

Source: Virtual_Bug5486

#12 Some A**hole Dumped Her On The Side Of The Road. She’s Mine Now! Meet Dottie

Source: ssdjcbheh

#13 The Pose That My Newly Adopted Garbage Kitty Sleeps In

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#14 Please See Below My Sad Little Rescued Mess Of An Earplane. Her Name Is Peaches

Source: ColbyGoddamn

#15 He Was Found On A Farm As A Poorly Feral Kitten. Now He’s Got Himself A Family To Love And Spoil Him. (He Only Wore The Bow Tie For The Time It Took To Take The Photo)

Source: brightonbird

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