15 Cat-Thieves That Were Caught Red-Pawed Stealing Food

#1 Noooooooooo

Credit: ArmageddonWasp


#2 Egg thief

Credit: bbykaat

#3 “How I Found My Kitten Trying To Steal Food From The Top Of The Fridge”

Credit: the_ZA

#4 “Bro My Lunch Has Been Stolen

Credit: tylersaurus8

#5 My Cat Steals Potatoes And Walks Around Like A Boss

Credit: SithLady

#6 My Girlfriend’s Cat Likes To Steal Bagel Bites, When You Catch Him He Pretends To Be Asleep. Meet Neji

Credit: eclipseb2k2

#When Mom Turns Her Back And You Steal The Leftover Corn Muffins From Dinner

Credit: hazeleyedsummer

#8 We Caught Our Cat (Cookie) Red Handed Trying To Steal Our Cheese

Credit: Loptimist


#9 So My Friend’s Cat Decided To Steal Some Chicken

Credit: jgolden832

# 10 Cat Stole My Lunch

Credit: bulldozer6

# 12 I Caught Her Red Handed. This Stinker Managed To Get Her Paws On A Croissant And Then Promptly Stuck It In My House Shoe

Credit: catsofclowder

#12 I Was Wondering Who Ate The Bread

Credit: moebububu

#13  The Nefarious Mr. Sugar Paws Caught Red-Handed Trying To Steal Some Raw Cauliflower, Which Is Inexplicably One Of His Favorite Foods To Nom

Credit: a2gemma

#14 I Guess We Will Never Know What Happened To The Catnip

Credit: anlyin

#15 Smart kitty

Credit: radtoria

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