These 17 Overdramatic Cats Will Make You Laugh

#1 Our Cat Was Forgotten Outside. She Activated Our Video Doorbell To Come In

Credit: BruceLehmann8


#2 “Omg! What The Hell Is That Thing!?!”


#3 He Heard Me Sneeze For The First Time

Credit:  Cereal-Grapist Report


#4  Trying To Teach My Daughter To Hold The Cat Properly And Captureed This Gem

Credit: averagehomosapien

#5 She Got Spooked

Credit: SavagePotatoCat

#6 “When Your Human Dared To Pet Another Animal. Don’t Even Touch Me, Betrayer. Ugh”

Credit: grumpy_kitzia

#7   My Buddy Dressed Up As His Cat For Halloween. Look At The Cats Face

Credit: redditmeman

#8 Umm… It’s Not What You Think



#9 I Know How You Feel, Rosco, I Know How You Feel

Credit: kate9871

# 10 He’s Very Concerned About Who Will Feed Him If I Drown In The Bath

Credit: glory_whole_hero

# 11 Let Me In

Credit: Handro

#12 Met This Guy In Amsterdam

Credit: tollyboy22

#13 Felt Like I Was Interrupting A Cat Drug Deal Today

Credit: jaspermatt

#14 Feeding Time Was An Hour Ago, Jessica

Credit: thegoldenthumbb

#15 I Accidentally Turned On The News And My Cats Reaction Says It All

Credit: Rishacat

#16 My Cat Always Looks Like He Has Anxiety. Yes, He Always Looks Like This

Credit: PyrateHooker

#17 Every Morning, Simba’s Allowed To Tan On The Balcony. But When It’s Time To Go Back Inside, He Screams

Credit: grfckrn

Which one did you think was most dramatic ? let us know in the comments below.