Best Cat Photos Sent To Us This Week (30 December 2018)

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We want to show you our appreciation by featuring some of the best photos that we receive in our group (Viral Cats Group) and in the messages on our facebook page each week, so more people can see your photos and meet your cute/handsome/funny/weird feline friend.

If you want to see last week’s post, CLICK HERE.

# Dinner time?

Sent to us by Tim Maddocks.


# Fried cat’s-a** anyone…?

Sent to us by Stephen Griffiths.

# Hello from Milly (Coco’s friend and neighbour)

Sent to us by She Cuaresma.

# Loki enjoys a little photo shoot.

Sent to us by Erin Clanton.

# Mr. Burlington

Sent to us by Kevin Dellinger.

# My chubby Ginger.

Sent to us by Mập Mạp Mon.

# Our soon to be 18 year old Lucy, all snuggled in.

Sent to us by Kevin Dellinger.


# Princess: Look! I’m in the Christmas gift bag!

Sent to us by Alexis Broderick.

# Really, we are innocent!

Sent to us by Suzanne Vantre.

# What do you mean it is time to get up? I was up at 5am doing the run about with my sister Millie.

Sent to us by Sue Litterick.

# When Carl found out Santa is a dog…

Sent to us by Erin Clanton.

# Puss helping pack away the xmas tree.

Sent to us by Tracy Knowles.

Thank you all for sending us these awesome photos. We can’t wait to see what photos will you send us next week. Maybe your photo will get featured next.