Clever People Who Found A Way To Protect Their Christmas Trees From Asshole Cats

It is that time of the year again. It’s almost the holiday season and we all know that cats get a bit psyched when it comes to the Christmas tree.

Cats enjoy watching you decorating the majestic Christmas tree, but what they truly see is you decorating a huge toy for them, and they already make plans on how to much and jump on it. Anyways, what fallows next is a destroyed Christmas tree lying on the floor with broken ornaments all over the place.

Here are some clever people that found ways to deal with this problem.

1. The look on the cat’s face is priceless.

Photo credit: jennthemermaid

2. “Will I make the jump? Will I?”

Photo credit: Cole & Marmalade

3. Every time he tries to climb the tree, we make him put on a Christmas outfit for 15 minutes.

Photo credit: Hotroddeluxe86

4. Oh Christmas cage, oh Christmas cage. My tree you are protecting…

Photo credit: Cole and Marmalade

5. Use walls wisely.

Photo credit: James Bridgeforth

6. Sometimes is better just to put the tree outside…

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7. Cat proof Christmas tree.

Photo credit: Barb Bessen Siegel

8. Problem solved!

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9. Bedtime tree protector.

Photo credit: 

10. I don’t think the cat is giving up…

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11. Cat friendly-ish tree.

Photo credit: 

12. Cat can’t get it and I can take it with me!

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Story inspiration: BoredPanda