These 13 Angry Kittens Demand To Be Taken Seriously Right Meow

Ah, kittens. They’re cute, cuddly, and irresistible – unless you get on their bad side. Then they become fluffy little demons who stare into the pits of your soul. Hell hath no fury like a kitten scorned.

If your precious kitten is having a bit of a mood swing, though, the best thing to do is just to give them their own sweet space for a while, and save yourself from the threat of gaping scratch and bite wounds. Of course, a few treats to seal the deal can’t ever hurt. A small kitty can get tired and hungry after such intense emotions, after all!

Here’s a list of furbabies who are just not having any nonsense today, and probably represent how you feel inside most of the time

1. Here’s my “Are you kitten me” look

Credit: sla7 al3in

2. Defending his pebbles…They’re hisss.

Credit: Kevin

3. Yes, I know I have pretty eyes, now leave me alone

Credit: Debbini

4. He just looks done with everyone

Credit: Mosh Echacuervos Garumpelaxias

5. Ma, Ma, this green stuff has gotten me

6. This kitten might be thinking it’s a tiger

Credit: Sabri Keleş

7. Can you hear me meow ?

Credit: pierdziec

8. That look you give when someone does something stupid

9. “I just got born and am already tired of your shit, Karen”

10. Human, your death will be slow and painful

Credit: brendan239

11. So young and already plotting world domination

12.  Fear me human !!

Credit: SamCampbell13

13. This is mine, whatever the hell it is

Credit: kotyakotovskyReport

You think this is a game human ?