Meet Quimera – The Argentinian Cat With Two Faces

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This cat from Argentina is taking internet by storm. Meet Quimera, the beautiful chimera cat.

Quimera has her face evenly split in two colours, her eyes are different as well, her blue eye especially appears like some kind of precious stone, bright and beautiful and an utter contrast to her other eye. The colour split continues down her chest to her front legs, with the sides reversed.

Quimera has built up quite a following on Instagram, which is updated regularly as she goes about her kitty life, unaware of her fame and unique appeal to cat lovers around the world. Check her out!

P.S. There is another chimera cat we wrote about before. Her name is Yana. You can check her out HERE.

Those beautiful eyes…


Quimera and her human.

Having fun!


Cute and beautiful…

All photo credits – Instagram

Story inspiration: BoredPanda