12 Cats That Stole Dog Beds And Didn’t Care About The Pawlice

Cats might no longer be revered in the same way they were in the times of Ancient Egypt, but that doesn’t stop them from acting like little furry Gods. And sometimes, little furry jerks. We see here some dejected dogs looking for somewhere to sleep after being pushed out of their beds by crafty cats. Some of the dogs are seen appealing to their owners for help while others curl up on the ground, resigned to a night in the cold. A handful of the dogs were particularly resourceful, squeezing themselves on to the smaller cat cushions left empty by the four-legged thieves. Enjoy!

#1 Mooommmmmm make it go away!

Photo credit: rmrayner

#2 Waiting patiently… maybe the cat will move away… hopefully.

Photo credit: porkchopsnapplesauce

#3 Don’t you see doggy? There is no room for you!

Photo credit: kittypotter

#4 This cat is definitely happy watching this.

#5 We know who the boss is of this household.

Photo credit: SurgioClemente

#6 Oh, yeah… This is life!

Credit: lordlicorice

#7 So small but so powerful!

Photo credit: Imgur

#8 Is it still there? It’s still there, isn’t it.

Photo credit: thenshesays

#9 The cat is just enjoying the ride.

#10 You took my bed but I still love you.

Photo credit: robnorton

#11 Cat: No f*cks given!

Credit: FunnyClix

#12 This dog is making the best of what he has.

Story inspiration: BoredPanda

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