These Cute Cats Like To Use Dogs As Pillows

Dogs and cats are supposed to be age-old rivals, but when raised together these two breeds often become best friends. When cats and dogs do commingle it’s clear who the boss is: the cat, of course!

The cats on this list know they are all that and a sack of catnip, which is exactly why they demand the dog of the house provide the perfect soft pillow for them to slumber atop. We are glad these dogs are sweet enough to oblige, after all cats using dogs as pillows make such cute pictures.

#1 This Must be her favorite place to sleep

#2 Matching fur nap buddies

#3 Something tells me this puss is a little bit of a diva!

#4 Perfect Patio Lounge Pillow

#5  2  Dog Beds Are Always Better Than One

#6  Deep Sleep

#7  “Look at my huge soft pillow…” ,  He might not even know she’s up there!

#8  The dog’s ear provides some extra cushioning.

#9  I own you

#10  Maybe this cat should instead try sleeping on the horses pictured in the background, this is one small bed lol.

Story credit: EarthPorm