We Can’t Help But Love Cats Even If Sometimes They Are Assholes

Even if you don’t own a cat yourself, a fact about our furry feline counterparts is universally known: cats are freaking assholes. While this may be due to their biology, or the fact that you just annoy them with your very existence, we love them all the same. For some reason, almost because they’re complete assholes to us, it makes the human race love cats even more. Here are some reasons why we can’t help but love them:

Because they know how to use boxes for good …

Credit: Reddit: Aeonoris

… and evil.

Credit: Reddit: AGuyNamedE

They can be very helpful …

Credit: Reddit: shewhosqueaks

… and very distracting.

Credit: Reddit: schizoid_21

Because they are brave little adventurers …

Credit: Reddit: CarelessKrow

… who are also afraid of the vacuum cleaner.

Credit: Reddit: david_9090

They are spring-loaded containers of energy …

Credit: Reddit: Simabby

… who can chill harder than anyone around.

Credit: Reddit: Roshambo_You

Because even though they sometimes act a bit stand-offish …

Credit: Reddit: s4r4hz

… deep down they can be major softies.

Credit: Reddit: ELDJ

Sometimes they REALLY want to be left alone …

Credit: Reddit: llamapopasquat

… and other times they simply CANNOT be away from you.

Credit: Reddit: lotte229

They can stretch very tall …

Credit: Reddit: phione

… or melt into a puddle.

Credit: Reddit: LoquaciousLover

Because they hate bath water …

Credit: Reddit: tanis3346

… but, for some reason, LOVE sink water.

Credit: Reddit: Flyersphan94

They are regal and majestic creatures …

Credit: Reddit

… occasionally.

Credit: Reddit: AnnoyingXxXstranger

Most importantly, they steal our hearts because, for all their mischievous and baffling behavior, they bring a smile on our faces every day and with a simple purr they show us their true and unconditional love.

Story inspiration: thedodo