Our Community’s Stylish Cats Show Off Their Paws Neatly Crossed

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Get ready for a cuteness overload! Our furry friends have turned into feline fashionistas, showcasing their innate charm with paws neatly crossed. From casual elegance to outright adorableness, our community’s stylish cats are stealing the spotlight.

Ready, set, let the paw-someness begin!

1. Ammo Colt.

Photo by Allison Lovell.

2. An elegant kitty. Her name is Cactus.

Photo by Candy Corneliussen.

3. Casper I thought she was a male that’s why I named it Casper but vet dr told me she was a female so she kept the name. lol

4. Cease plotting taking over the world.

Photo by Jason Gulley.

5. Charlie.

Photo by Stephanie Meixl.

6. Clementine.

Photo by Katie Murphy.

7. Daisy and Wisp.

Photo by Dina Stanford.

8. Foster kitten Scotty.

Photo by Nancy Dash. (LittleBitsOfFluff)

9. Gandalf The Prim and Proper.

Photo by Heidi Coleman.

10. Gino!

Photo by Annette Salzarulo Natoli.

11. Gus.

Photo by Dawn Kreil.

12. Gypsy has her little back feet crossed.

Photo by Patricia Santarelli Vogel.

13. He thinks it’s his bed and not mine, he’s called Pepsi.

Photo by Susan Coutts.

14. Here is Birk! He’s a shelter cat and one of three that we got.

Photo by Christer Bratt.

15. His name is Archie.

Photo by Ashli-Anne Rossiter.

16. His name is Baby.

Photo by Liza Kepeski.

17. His name is Fred.

Photo by Darlene Elliott.

18. His name is Yuki.

Photo by Laura Lakatos.

19. Ichimei.

Photo by Corina Valencia.

20. Jango Fett.

Photo by Joey Hayes.

21. King Elvis.

Photo by Cyndi Lawrence.

22. Luna posing with her paws crossed.

Photo by Tom van Huet. (polar_coons)

23. Miss Eira.

Photo by Katherine Kersten Robbins.

24. Miss Jasmine. Patiently waiting for me to get ready for bed so we can have “lights out.”

Photo by Nancy Worlock.

25. Mister Treasure. (Trésor in french)

Photo by Annick Miller.

26. My boy, Kramer with ALL his paws crossed.

Photo by Teresa Green.

27. My little Angel.

Photo by Tracy Anthony.

28. My sweet Mavis.

Photo by Emily Holmes.

29. Neroli.

Photo by Priscilla Reddy-Chu.

30. Oh hello I’m Molly.

Photo by David Steel.

31. Oliver – Hey pretty Kitties how you doin’!?

Photo by Hemangi Dave.

32. Our beauty Yuki.

Photo by Lucy Smith.

33. Poppy.

Photo by Deborah Naden.

34. Shane loves to cross his legs. He’s such a gentleman.

Photo by Debbie Spear.

35. She wanted to be a part of the surprise announcement for my husband.

Photo by Willamina Puga Garza.

36. Skadi is the cat on the left and she’s a girl. My boy on the right side is called Aric.

Photo by Elina Esser.

37. Sprite always folds her paws like the regal lady she is.

Photo by Fran Love McDiarmid.

38. This is Daisy.

Photo by Lisa Dodd.

39. This is Miss Enid.

Photo by Amber Liechty.

40. This is my Liza.

Photo by Jon Rimes.

41. Yogi.

Photo by Richard Smith.

42. Zariah.

Photo by Kim Tankersley.

That’s a wrap on our ‘Crossed Paws’ showcase! A massive shout-out to our fabulous feline models and their hoomans for sharing the love. Keep those paws crossed for more adorable moments, and remember, every cat’s a superstar in our community! Until next time, happy purrs and playful paws!