This Is My Life Now: 12 Funny Pics With Cats Accepting Their Fate


Photo source: rohit_sai1289

2. Hooman, Why You Do Dis?

Photo source: bitterbuffaloheart

3. He Likes To Be Carried Around In A Paper Bag In The House So I Thought I’d Try It Outside. He Didn’t Try To Jump Out And Just Relaxed, Enjoying The Sights. I’ve Become That Eccentric Neighbor Who Walks The Streets Clutching Her Cat In A Paper Bag

Photo source: alienman

4. He Thinks He’s Being Sneaky

Photo source: JoeALane9876

5. I Am… Pocket Monster

Photo source: killerbunnyfamily

6. This Is My Life Meow

Photo source: Crayontear

7. This Is Not My Picture, But If The Phrase “The Audacity ” Had A Face, I Think It Would Be This

Photo source: vaderismylord

8. I Guess I Am A Decoration Meow

Photo source: Sariel007

9. I Am Becoming The One With My Pillow

Photo source: killerbunnyfamily

10. Took My Pants Off To Weigh Myself & Looked Over To Find This

Photo source: mspeekie

11.”You Will Pay For This!”

Photo source: meister2a

12. Sunbeams… My Only Weakness

Photo source: Z3RTU_

We hope these hilarious photos have left you with a newfound appreciation for the fierce and playful nature of our feline friends. Don’t forget to leave a comment and let us know which of these cat warriors stole your heart. Until next time, keep practicing your ninja moves!