From Shelter to Sofa: February’s Adorable Adoptees Compilation

#1 My Wife And The Cat That Adopted Us

Source: PizzaWithPenelope

#2 I Adopted A Cat To Try To Bring More Stability In My Life… Looks Like She’s Only Going To Bring More Chaos. This Is After 2 Hours Of Getting Her

Source: amonaroll

#3 This Is Pudding, I Adopted Him – He Has No Teeth So Keeping His Tongue In Is Hard…

Source: ComprehensiveBus4933

#4 We Decided To Adopt 4-Month-Old Sisters

Source: playblu

#5 Starting To Suspect That I Actually Adopted A Black Bear Cub

Source: Oma___


#6 We Just Got Adopted By This Little Girl

Source: vicious_carro

#7 I Can Finally Post Cat Pics! This Is Athena And I Just Adopted Her

Source: Lifeguard_monkey

#8 Just Adopted This Little Carbon Copy Of Our Gamora

Source: Cold_Recognition_878

#9  My Roommates And I Rescued A Kitten Under My Shed

Source: awolfscourage

#10  Today I Broke The News To Loki That He Was Adopted And Used To Be Named Egghead. He’s Still In Shock


#11 We Adopted This Boy And His Orange Brother Recently. He Hasn’t Sucked Any Blood Yet, But We Expect Soon He Will Start Growing Rapidly…

source: _pitchdark

#12 Adopted Baby

  Source: Caratteraccio

#13  Kitten I Adopted This Weekend Fell Asleep Holding My Hand

Source: floopytacos

#14 Just Adopted This Sweet One Ear Girl

Source: macaro312