15 Times Orange Cats Proved They’re the Funniest (and Dorkiest) Felines Around

Orange cats are known for their playful and mischievous personalities, and they always seem to be getting into amusing situations.

Whether they’re batting at toys, pouncing on unsuspecting objects, or just lounging around in a ridiculous manner, these cats know how to bring the humor. So if you’re in need of a good laugh, or just want to admire some adorable orange cats, this collection is for you.

#1 This Is Philip J Fry And He Is My Best Friend


#2  Booker Loves Staring At Ice Cubes. He Doesn’t Lick Them Or Touch Them; He Just Stares And Purrs

Source: ChalkButter

#3  I Put My Cat’s Extra Fur On His Head And Now He Keeps Talking About The 2020 Election

Source: Lam0rac

#4 Pretty Sure My Little Blind Flerken Belongs Here

Source: stormikyu

#5 Introduced My Cat To Leaves Today

Source: nowhalle

#6  One Orange Braincell Catto In Original Packing

Source: mulcher7

#7 You Don’t Need More Than One Braincell If You’re This Cute

Source: GreenGreenBeen

#8 We Told Him He Wouldn’t Like It Outside, But He Insisted. This Is What We Saw On Our Doorbell Cam A Few Minutes Later

Source: Urban_Jaguar

#9 I Present To You: Provolone! Because He’s Not Sharp Enough To Be Cheddar


#10 Miss Stella Bean. Smelly Stelly Has Megaesophagus, An Illness That Prevents Food Going Directly From Her Throat To Stomach Without Gravity’s Help! Here’s One Solution…baby Björn


#11 I Have No Words For My One Brain Cell


#12 Rare Picture Of Braincell Transfer In Progress

Source: Halloweenpenguin

#13 Nailed This Years Christmas Picture


#14 Cheddar Likes To Suck People’s Fingers, The Little Weirdo

If the cat has one blue eye, the percentage drops to 40%.
     Source: ScyllaOfTheDepths

#15 My Boy Got Stuck On Top Of The Wardrobe Door Today

Source: FranciscoEverywhere

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