15 Of The Best And Funniest Cat Revenge Examples

#1 My Mother Refused To Get Out Of Bed At 3:37 Am When I Asked For Treats, So I Climbed Up Her Bedroom Door And Got Stuck

Source: kayleaux

#2 He’s On A Diet. It’s Not Going Great

Source: pickles-and-mayo

#3 Princess Pamela Knocked Over Two Plants… All Because I Didn’t Feed Her The Moment I Came Home From Work

Source: chezaraez

#4 The Brown One Always Bullies The Orange One. He Finally Got Revenge

Source: tfisher257

#5 This Is Whisper. Whisper Frequently Sneaks Outside, Then Gets Angry When We Don’t Immediately Notice Her Absence, She Licks The Windows And Screams

Source: bittergemini

#6  Locked My Cat In The Bathroom While I Made A Meal Because He Was Annoying. Revenge Was Had

Source: GreyGhostPhoto

#7 The Cat Was Mad We Weren’t Home To Feed Her Dinner, And Got Back At Us By Ripping Apart A Pack Of Bagels And Taking A Tiny Bite Out Of Each One


#8 Cats Always Know

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#9 It’s Time For Revenge

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#10 Payback For Buying Cheap Cat Food

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#11 My Cat Bites My Dad Whenever He’s Paying Attention To My Mom And Not Him

Source: EUOS_the_cat

#12 I Didn’t Let My Cat Go Outside For A Day So He Just Broke The Cat Door. I Found Him In The Garden Looking Very Smug


#13 I Told Her Off For Sitting On The Work Surface So She Did This

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#14 I Wouldn’t Get Up At 6:00 Am To Feed Him So He Dragged This Bag Of Treats Into The Bathroom And Tore It Open. Merry Christmas

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#15 When You Go To The Bar And Return 2 Hours Past Your Cat’s Dinner Time

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