14 Pics Showing Just How Incredibly Similar Some Cats And Their Owners Are

#1 This Israeli Boy And His Cat Both Have Heterochromic Eyes!

#2 Me And My Cat… We Like To Chill

Source:  imgur.com

#3 My Cat And I Are Both Blind In One Eye. We Are A Matching Pair

Source: Miceeks

#4 When You’ve Lived Together So Long That You Begin To Look Alike

Source: BikerHackerman2

#5 So My Friend Took This Picture With Her Cat On A Total Fluke. It Turned Out To Be The Best Thing Ever

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#6 Partners In Crime

Source: sdw

#8 Just My Neighbor & His Cat… Reading

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#9  She Thought This Would Be A Good Post

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#10 My Twin Sister Adopted A Cat. We Match!

Source: tattooedtwin

#11 We Got A Matching Outfit

Source: watermelontidepods

#12 Simply Matching

Source: ceronamo

#13 I Took Graduation Pictures With My Cat. Meet Zeus

Source: MillennialCatDaddy

#14 They Say You And Your Pet Start To Look Alike But… Damn

Source: TorTots

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