Best Cat Photos Sent To Us This Week (09 October 2022)

We want to show you our appreciation by featuring some of the best photos that we receive in our group (Viral Cats Group) each week, so more people can see your photos and meet your cute/handsome/funny/weird feline friend.

If you want to see last week’s post, CLICK HERE.

# Clarke, Rusty, and Cousin Eddie.

Sent to us by Marcel Landry. (thegriswoldboys)

# Four of our Maine Coons posing for a picture. They are conducting a seance.

Sent to us by Bill Ridenour.


# He’s finally asleep after causing trouble and getting into everything for the last couple hours. He’s such an a$$hole sometimes. But I love him. He’s so cute.

Sent to us by Debbie Spear.

# I keep getting cat hats. He lives to sleep above your head.

Sent to us by Frank Morrison.

# I was trying to fold the sheets and my precious little Bobbie decided they would make a great nest. Oh well, I can fold them later since I wouldn’t want to disturb his nest.

Sent to us by Bonnie Cameron Murdock.

# “If I had a dollar for every time my mom took my picture…” – Milo

Sent to us by Jessica Hudson.

# If that’s not perfection, I don’t know what is.

Sent to us by Katy Docherty.

# It’s HER bunk bed!

Sent to us by Mel Clendenan.

# Look at my beautiful Mai.

Sent to us by Veronica Subia.

# Millie is a little tortie with plenty to say.

Sent to us by Sue Litterick.(georgeandmilliemccats)


# My baby Princess. She is 3 years old.

Sent to us by Steffi Robinson.

# New family member, Ralph the Mainecoon, 10weeks old.

Sent to us by Frank Morrison.

# Peanut.

Sent to us by Darla Schommer.

# Sadie says hello!

Sent to us by Darla Schommer.

# She’s getting a lot closer to me these days! She’s even played with my finger a couple of times! Slow progress, but progress nonetheless. We’ll be making the outdoor box for them today.
Oh… and I named her Kitty Kitty.

Sent to us by Rebecca Lynn.

Thank you all for sending us these awesome photos. We can’t wait to see what photos will you send us next week. Maybe your photo will get featured next.
Let us know which photo you liked most, in the comments.