14 Times Cats Made Their Owner Think “What Is Wrong With My Cat”

#1 Meet Pete. This Is Him Asleep. Pete Is Not Photogenic

Source: Krobbox

#2 Her Favourite Object In The House Is A Brick

Source: Buckwhal

#3 She Sleeps Like She’s Part Of A Crime Scene

Source: kumacmon

#Winston Wanted To Pop In To Say Hello

Source: mycatsagirl

#5 My Mum Built Her Cat A TV Base To Watch Cat Youtube So She Could Watch The Big TV In Peace

Source: meowingcarrot

#6 This Majestic Beast…

Source: rora_borealis

#7 Wazzaap!!

Source: Ana_Maria_C


#8 The Age Old Cat Yoga Ball Act. The Yoga Ball Is On Top Of A 7 Foot Cabinet

 Source: Nikefut12

#9 It’s Fine, Not Like One Of These Cost $40!


Source: d2xdy2

#10 Peek A Boo

Source  saffaffa

#11She’s More Of A Pile Than A Cat At This Point

Source: LinguisticTerrorist crumbshotfetishist


#12 This Morning I Woke Up To This.

Source: DonnyToAshes


#13 She’s Always Watching You

Source: Marko091

#14 She Fell On The Floor And Randomly Did This

Source: bubblegum1215

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