A Collection With Some Of The Most Unflattering Pics Of Cats

Cats can be majestic.. well, most of the time, we all take and select the most photogenic and cute photos of our pets but these people had a different purrspective on things and the result is hilarious.

#1 I wonder how do i taste

credit: noraaa_3


#2 A Bit evil

credit: Iittleghost

#3 Bad Cat-nip trip

credit: Shayne Cohen

#4 Get this thing off me hooman

credit: JessicaParties


#5 She’s looking at you and the ghost behind you, at same time lol

credit: xeniac400e2a9c0

#6 This kitty has wide shoulders lol

credit: friendonIine

#7 Majestic Sphynx

credit: spookylilpeach

#8 Intense cleaning session

credit: artsyguinean

#9 Keep going hooman, don’t stahp

credit: OkayJass

#10 Inbred Kitty

credit: GallagherAvery

#10 Toothless is that you ?

We love them