These Cats Don’t Understand Why Their Humans Laugh Every Time They See Them…

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Cats have all kind of different fur markings. Their coats are colorful and diverse. There are countless genes that govern different aspects of fur color, length, patterns and other properties. These mutations create beautiful and unique patterns, but they can sometimes also create unexpectedly designs.

The following cats have something in common. They all have one distinct fur pattern that makes their humans laugh and make jokes about it. Enjoy!


Photo credit: imgur

#2 Remy, aka, “Mr. Skeeter D*ck”

Photo by Pamela Corbin

#3 An elegant tie.

Photo by Victoria Anne

#4 Majestic D*ckface!

Photo by Jamie LaDue

#5 His name is Bane!

Photo by Brittany Wilson


Photo by Tina Boyd

#7 They call him “Boo”.

Photo by Ciera Batarick

#8 Meow!

Photo by Vanessa Ann


Photo by Sam Ellington


Photo by Marcia Runge Mohr

Not even dogs escaped this!

# The d*ckhead dog.

Photo by Kristi Erin

# …and this guy.

Photo credit: imgur

We also found a cute rabbit that has this pattern.

Photo by Mira Bainum