12 Camouflaged Cute Cats Winning At Hide-And-Seek

We have already established that cats are ninjas ! Their ability to hide and blend in its amazing and at the same time funny.

Sometimes it’s a cat’s unique coloring that helps them hide in plain sight. Cats are resilient, after all they have 9 lives, and so when a cat’s coloring doesn’t work to hide their true colors, they have plenty of other tricks at their disposal. Prompting the question: Do you know where your cat is right now?

If he or she is anything like the camouflaged cats on this list, they are currently winning at hide-and-go-seek… until you’re busy with something, then they are all over you like you’re made of catnip.

#1 I’m Not Hiding Nothin!

#2 Kitten finds Purrfect hiding spot

Photo Credit: Inge Frieling

#3 Why Do You Have 3 Of The Same Slipper?

Photo Credit: Tiago Marques

#4 Hiding is too easy

Photo Credit: lelombrik.net

#5 Fluffy pillow

Photo Credit: imgur.com

#6 Cat, what cat ?

Photo Credit: Nico Conradie

#7 Just Another Plush Soccer Ball

#8 Trendy cat hat

#9 Hiding behind my own portrait, evil genius

Photo Credit: imgur.com

#10 Just the eyes give it away

Photo Credit: passion-animaux.com

#11 A Warning To All House Guests: Don’t Step On Our Cat

Story credit: EarthPorm