Japanese Artist Creates Miniature Cat Furniture So You Can Please Your Master

Japan’s furniture industry is incredibly competitive. The companies would do anything to get ahead of the others, as this story goes to show.

IKEA recently launched an innovative new pet furniture collection. And it’s competitors, of course, had to retaliate as well. Craft collective Okawa Kagu’s response was to come up with a big collection of furniture meant just for cats! This collection is the perfect gift if you want to spoil your cat!

The goal of the project is to promote Fukuoka, an area in Japan where professionals specialize in traditional crafts such as woodworking, hardware, glass, and cutlery. The place is also home to 150 furniture factories, making it one of Japan’s capitals of the industry.

Okawa Kagu’s cat furnishings are scaled down replicas of actual furniture, and it will even be exhibited at the city’s tourism and interior information centre, Okawa Terrazza.

Cat lovers would agree that this is the perfect gift for their cat. Check out this cat furniture below.

More info: okawa-kagu.net (h/t BoredPanda and AwwTopia)