13 Surprising And Cute Sleeping Buddies

Sleep is such a vulnerable state, you can’t fall asleep beside someone unless you trust him or her not to attack you. These surprising sleeping buddies clearly trust their designated cuddle buddy, no matter how unexpected their napping pal may be.


 1.  Dog And Cat

Photo Credit: silverbluecat


2. Cat And Parakeet Are Both In Deep Sleep

Photo Credit: birdkeepersassociation.org.uk


3. Really close friends

Photo Credit: reddit


4. Cat Hugging Pet Rat

Photo Credit: reddit


5. Tiny Kitten  And Ferret


6. Lovebird And Gorgeous Cat

Photo Credit: lebensfreude.phpbb8.de

7. Cat And Deer Sweet Moment

Photo Credit: Vitaly Tkach


8. Kitten Sleeps On Soft Bunny Rabbit

Photo Credit: imgur


9. Cat Cuddling With Rat

Photo Credit: kittybloger.wordpress.com


10. The guinea pig looks surprised over this cuddly kitten’s new favorite place to nap.


11. Cat Takes A Nap With Warm Little Ducklings


12. This Kitty Enjoys Taking Naps Under Dog’s Big Ears

Photo Credit: reddit


13. Three Unusual Sleeping Buddies, A Cat, Dog And Fox

Photo Credit: joyreactor.cc

Story Credit : EarthPorm