Cute And Funny Pictures Of Cats And Dogs Living Together

Dogs and cats have very different characteristics. Therefore living in your multi-species household can get very tricky. Sometimes cats and dogs can become best buddies since the very first day they meet each other. But there is this saying: ‘Fight like cats and dogs’, and there must be a reason for it.

 #1  Lulu Uses Ripley As A Pillow Ever Since She Was A Kitten.

#2 Hey Friend, You Need A Hug ?

 #3 Soft doggo, don’t get used to this

#4 Hello

#5 Watch were you put that paw, cat.

#6 The dog has really taken a liking to the cat. Kitty still getting used to it

#7 We just adopted a dog, this pic sums up how the cat feels about it lol

#8 I Just Want Someone To Look At Me The Way My Cat Looks At My Dog

#9 First meeting with the cat did not go so well

#10 I Didn’t Know I’d Have To Give Up My Dog When I Got A Cat. And By Give Up I Mean The Cat Now Owns The Dog

So can cats and dogs live together in harmony or not? Let us know in the comments below.

Story credit : BoredPanda