14 Cats Who Thought They Were Hiding, But Actually Weren’t

#1 There’s Nowhere To Hide At The Vet’s Office

#2 My Kitten Likes To “Hide” In This Jar, And Her Brother Is Confused

Source: MyLittleGirl

#3 I Got You, Fren

                                                              Source: DelayedACK

#Hiding From The Vet

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#5 My White Cat Attempting To Hide So I Can’t Clip His Nails

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#6 I Finally Figured Out Where Tank The Cat Has Been Hiding. I Only Saw Him Because A Bird Chirped On TV And He Stuck His Head Up Slightly. Who Sees Him?

Source:  Ellekm730

#7 I Wonder Where My Cat Is Hiding

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#8 You Can’t See Me

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#9 Found This Little Guy Today. He Felt Safe Hiding In My Girlfriend’s Hair

Source: butitsa10-33

#10 They Both Chose The Same “Hiding” Place At The Vet


#11 Trip To The Vet. She Thinks We Can’t See Her

Source: itskaymay

#12 I’ll Just Hide In Here, So No One Can See Me

Source issius

#13 My Cat Truly Thinks He’s Successfully Hiding From Me

Source: BottomShelfWhiskey

#14 She Did Her Best To Hide

Source: yunoookumura


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