14 Times Cats Made A Mess While Eating

# 1 “What Bolognese? I Don’t Know Who Ate It”

Credit: Anexis91



#2 “First Time Eating Wet Food”

Credit: Psihoscinik

#3 “Give Me Mooore”

Credit: SirouTouge

#4 “Learning To Eat Is Exhausting”

Credit: Betsy514

#5 “Her First Attempt At Eating From A Dish Got A Little Messy”

Credit: orodruinx

#6 “Munching On Watermelon😂”

Credit: pienar



#7 “Greatest Milk Mustache Of All Time💗

Credit: MissSamioni

#8 “Dijon Is Life”

Photo by Angelina Haueter‎.

#9 “Life Is Hard When You’re A Kitten


# 10 “Messy Kitty”

Photo by Edward Davies.

# 11 “A Purrfect Mess”

Credit: Northeast Animal Shelter

#12 “Our Foster Kitten, Blue, Is A Messy Eater. We Love Her Anyway” 

Credit: thinklauren

#13 “Too cute

Credit: BethStern

#14 “She Is Such A Mess When She Eats. She Gets It All Over Herself. Kittens Are So Hard To Keep Clean, Man

Credit: ineeners69

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