These Photos Show That Cats Are Masters In The Art Of Relaxation

Cats can be cute, funny, weird, random, smart, and so much more. They do exceed in one area in particular however, they are veritable zen masters.
We can learn so much from them, especially when it comes to relaxation. We can have some “cat life” moments if we watch these masters performing the art of true relaxation.

We asked our Viral Cats Group members to share with us some photos with their masters caught in the middle of the relaxation act.

Enjoy these photos and let the relaxation flow through you.

# Sleep… sleep is good…

Sent to us by Luis Luis.


# Rupert

Sent to us by Laura Sallis.

# Nothing matters anymore.

Sent to us by Imelda Carullo Bernacer.

# Any spot will do…

Sent to us by Melanie Menas Dickson.

# Beige – in his most relaxed paws…

Sent to us by Eustaquio Duarte.

# Blue, in ultra relaxed mode.

Sent to us by Shannon Stalford.

# Clarke, Rusty, and Cousin Eddie.

Sent to us by Marcel Landry. (thegriswoldboys)

# Cuddle time…

Sent to us by Luis Quintanilla.

# Diesel snuggling next to a silly Ashton, giving us a wink and a blep of his tongue.

Sent to us by Alicia Marie Johnson.

# Elsa, the upside down loaf.

Sent to us by Betty Harmon.

# Diesel with his hooman.

Sent to us by Patricia North-Martino.

# Charles

Sent to us by Maria Jane Beaumont.

# You can never have too much sleep…

Sent to us by Darla Schommer.

# Kramer

Sent to us by Teresa Green.

# Mephisto relaxing in his garden.

Sent to us by Melanie Fischer.


# Peanut

Sent to us by Stan Stankowski.

# She got stuck in the deckchair!! Too comfy.

Sent to us by May Ching Soh.

# Simba loves laying on his back.

Sent to us by Tearra Williams.

# So relaxed…

Sent to us by Mary Williamson.

# Stubbers

Sent to us by Vickie Studholme.

# That is true cat life right there!

Sent to us by Chrissy Boteler.

# That’s how you relax.

Sent to us by John Sargent.

# This is Bob.

Sent to us by Barbara Ludemann.

# TV time.

Sent to us by Shirley Brennan.

# Where is the head? Lol

Sent to us by Raquel Meza.

Tell us who is your favorite zen master in the comments below.