The love-hate relationship between cats and Christmas

It’s that time of the year again… The most beautiful time of the year… A time of magic, of peace, of gifts and joy between people. It’s Christmas.

While we enjoy every bit of holidays, and wouldn’t want it to end, for our furry friends it’s not that simple. For cats, it’s a time when the whole house becomes a huge playground filled with ornaments, wrapping paper, ribbons, and boxes… but the problem is that hoomans don’t want the cats to play with these wonderful toys, and they even have special clothes for kitties to wear… to put it lightly, cats don’t enjoy that so much…

Bellow we have a collection of memes and gifs that sum up this love-hate relationship. Enjoy.

1. Toys, there are toys everywhere!


2. The excitement is overwhelming!

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4. Those lights… they have to go down!


5. You will regret this… hooman.

6. YOU WILL BURN, HOOMAN! I’ll just get this of first.


7. You think this is a game, Karen?

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9. “Dis is my house so, dis is my tree!”

10. It has to be done!

11. Impawssible to resist!

12. Presents… presents everywhere!

13. … there’s sooo much food!

14. The best part is the day after Christmas!

Which meme did you like the most and how are your cats coping with Christmas. Let us know in the comments below.

Merry Christmas!