When you sneak up on your cat to take a photo, and he yawns just as you click…

We are all aware that our cats are so majestic, so magnificent, stunning and not only. That is why we, cat owners (or should I say, cat slaves), love to photograph and film our cats and can get really obsessed with doing that (in a good way), hoping that we can capture their meowjestic looks on camera.

The problem is that cats don’t care about our photos, so when we sneak up on them, trying to get that one awesome photo, we might end up with a photo that is completely the opposite of majestic.

The following photos are from the members of our group (Viral Cats Group) that done just that, and, of course, they shared all those photos in the group. Enjoy!

1. Felix, yawning just as you click!

Sent to us by Wendy Binnie.


2. The big yawn.

Sent to us by Michael Newham.

3. This was at the beginning of a huge yawn.

Sent to us by Terri Schmiedlin.

4. “When my fur baby was just a kitten yawning his head off.”

Sent to us by Joanne Newall.

5. In the middle of a sneeze.

Sent to us by Chanique Hartzenberg.

6. An elegant yawn.

Sent to us by Zoe Coates.

7. This cat looks like she’s about to take off. Haha

Sent to us by Marti Daly.

8. How about a bleep?

Sent to us by Katja Meijer.

9. … or a mlem?

Sent to us by Areanna Farmer.



Sent to us by A René C Duarte.

11. Caught licking his chops after his booty!

Sent to us by Rose Kirkman.


Sent to us by Alexander Pearce.

13. Handsome yawn.

Sent to us by Niki Tumbleweed Richardson.


Sent to us by Cate Byqs.

15. Here’s one of Zack’s big gob!

Sent to us by Rhona Smith.


Sent to us by Katja Meijer.

17. Another mid sneeze.

Sent to us by Autumn Watson-Andrews.

18. Right in the middle of it.

Sent to us by Mon Mập Mạp.

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