5 Of The Many Reasons To Appreciate Our Cats

Lovable, majestic, beautiful. Many kind words can be said when describing these wonderful animals that we find so endearing. Aside from all the obvious things that we adore about cats, did you know that it has been proven that these amazing animals also can benefit our health and life.


1. Reducing stress

Research shows that simply petting a cat  can lower your blood pressure. Therapy animals who visit nursing homes and hospices bring peace and joy to patients who may not have smiled in months.


2. Cats Want to Make You Better

It’s been proven that senior citizens who own a cat are shown to live longer lives than those who do not. These natural “doctors” have a sixth sense for sensing when you are under the weather, and prefer to be near you for comfort and support.

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3. Cats Make Us Laugh

Any cat owner will tell you that these creatures are as hilarious as they are cute. From playful mishaps to outright fails, it’s impossible not to laugh (a little at their expense) and subsequently reap the benefits of such outbursts. Last year, researchers at California’s Loma Linda University found that watching just 20 minutes of funny videos reduced subjects’ cortisol levels substantially and assisted the short-term memory of older participants. Other research has linked laughter to a stronger heart and immune system.


4. They’re all about the present moment.

“I have lived with several Zen masters — all of them cats.” — Eckhart Tolle

Sure, they lead far less stressful lives than their human counterparts on most days, but that doesn’t discredit their innate ability to sit perfectly still, sometimes hours on end, and just appreciate the present moment. From their coveted spot on the windowsill to their reserved perch on top of the bookshelf, they watch the world before them come and go with ease.

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5. They Practically Invented napping

These serious snoozers not only value the importance of sleep but also look adorable doing it! Studies have shown that indulging in a little midday shut-eye can work wonders for your alertness, memory, creativity, productivity and overall mood. So if you won’t make time for a nap solo, maybe the opportunity to curl up next to your furry friend will convince you to take a cozy 20-minute rest today.

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Story inspiration: Hufingtonpost