Cats That Instantly Regretted Their Poor Life Choices

Cats are well-known for being smart, agile and truly magnificent creatures. However, it seems that there are some exceptions… there are always some exceptions.

The following photos show us some bad decisions that cats made and the instant regret that you can see on their faces. Enjoy.

1. Cat’s plan to get down the stairs with the help of this device didn’t go quite as expected…

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2. “Hehe…just..uh-um..doing some pull-ups NOTHING TO SEE HERE”

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3. “The floor is pretty!”

4. Cat’s way to find the most complicated solution.

Photo credit: catpuccinoz

5. The eyes!

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6. Hoomin, I saved u a seat!

7. I told you the shoe would fit! Now where is this prince?

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8. “Move along, nothing to see here”

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9. HAAAAALP!!! The couch is eating me!!!

10. It’s a puss in a boot.

Photo credit: Everybody_move

11. “So, this is how it ends?”

Credit: wittyusernamehere

12. Cats and boxes…

Photo credit: mozarelissimus

13. These aren’t the cookies I ordered?

Photo credit: Heidi

14. A true cereal killer!

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15. What have I done?

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16. “So, I guess box wasn’t empty.”

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17. Meeaaaoowwwwwwwww!

Photo credit: Actually_an_otter

Source of inspiration: BoredPanda