Women Went For A Jog And Found Dmitrius’ The Stray Kitten

A kind young woman went for a jog but came home with a little stray kitten who desperately needed  help, love and TLC. It is fascinating how much a life can be transformed with a second chance and love.


“Went for a jog and found this little guy with his eyes sealed shut from an infection”

“Size compared to a teaspoon….”


“I gave him a bath, but he was so dehydrated he was trying to drink the water”


“The next day, he was sitting up, but still had a hard time holding his head up. This was when I was really worried he wasn’t going to make it through…”


“He did get his appetite back pretty quick though, so that was a good sign.”


“Not playing yet, but looking at my hand…”


“Starting to be a playful kitten…”

Always near me…


“Slowly figuring out how to groom himself…He still isn’t very good at it since he never had a mom to teach him.”


“One of a few flea baths he needed”


Being adorable


The kitty is looking alot better here


Growing up and completely transformed with love and caring


A big fella now, looking handsome


“But still by my side”


“Healthy and happy :)”

 Story by : dmitrigreene