11 Cats With Their Adorable Mini-mes

Despite their ‘evil’ reputation, cats are very sweet and protective towards their little ones. These photos also prove cats feel a great deal of pride over their furry bundle of joys.

Kittens need socialization after 2 weeks but they should spend the majority of time with their mom and littermates. All of this time with mom creates quite a special bond to form, not only do cats and their kittens look alike but they often act alike too.

There’s nothing much cuter than kittens, except maybe seeing the love of mom and dad as they look after their adorable mini-me kittens.


#1 Kitten returns the love



#2 Cheese !

Photo Credit: imgur.com


#3 Copy/Paste

Photo Credit: Dijana Hinic


#4 Those eyes

Photo Credit: Sakura Ishihara



#5 These Mini-Me Kittens Must Keep Mommy Very Busy

Photo Credit: zakali2

#6 “Love you little one”

Photo Credit: checkmydubstep



#7 Don’t mess with my mini-me !

 Photo Credit: imgur.com


#8 Mom And Dad Lovingly Looking Over Their Kitties

Photo Credit: hakunasomevodka



#9 Don’t Embarrass Me In Front Of The Neighbors

Photo Credit: zedextol



#10 Teaching Kitten How To Get What She Wants

Photo Credit: kachimo.exblog.jp



#11 I Got It From My Mama

Photo Credit: NatureGeek_inBR


Story credit: EarthPorm