The Kitten Covers – Classic Album Covers Recreated Using Kittens

What happens when you blend rock n’ roll with kittens? A pretty amazing series of album covers re-imagined, that’s what! This fun and fascinating collection of photos was created by Alfra Martini (aka aymvisuals) and replaces iconic figures from some of the most famous music albums with playful images of felines. If you’d like to see more work by Alfra Martini, you can visit her website by clicking here.



David Meowie

London Meowing

The Kittens


The Purrfect Strokes

Fluffie – Purrallel Lines

Iron Kitten

Village Kittens

Here’s Little Kitten

Kittens From Hell


The Meowges


Depeche Meow

All credit goes to: The Kitten Covers